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Sustainable House Day 2019

Well another successful Sustainable House Day has been and gone!

Awareness seems to be growing throughout Australia about the wonderful houses on display demonstrating all aspects of sustainable living.

This is the fourth year Warwick O’Brien Architectshave cajoled clients into opening their house to the public. On every occasion the experience for clients has been most positive. The common thread seems to be the satisfaction and joy they have received from being able to share their knowledge and experience, in the belief that, no matter how small the contribution it may appear to be, it all counts and builds on public acceptance of sustainability.

This year Rino and Josie Bruno generously agreed to be part of SHD. I would like to thank them for the enormous effort they went to in preparing their wonderful house for viewing. ON the day there were 193 people who enjoyed the tour, many of whom made favourable comments.

This year kicked off with a public Showcase in Adelaide of eight of the eighteen houses on display in South Australia. The night was generously hosted by Adelaide Sustainable Building Network and, in my estimation, entertained around 200 guests. A Vimeo of “Casa Bruno” – this years presentation by Warwick O’Brien architects will be posted soon.

Casa Bruno, unlike most houses on show, is a large house of some 400 square metres. This is not to say that bigger is better, but rather, in some cases large is necessary. The Brunos’ family comprises 5 adults, with an immediate extended family of some 30 relatives. In the Italian tradition, the Brunos regularly entertain family gatherings of this size and hence space becomes a priority.

One of the aspects that testifies to the success of the project is the energy use, which is averaging around $300 per quarter. The house has 8 kilowatts of solar power and this runs all of the appliances, swimming pool equipment and everything else in the house. There is further roof space for more than double the existing number of solar panels, and so it is realistic to say that this large house could easily be made carbon neutral in terms of energy use.

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