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Modern homes and interior architecture

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

New home designs, as distinct from the more traditional house plans of our colonial past, are reflecting a more casual lifestyle by creating greater open planning, together with the introduction of light and larger volume of space.

Home buyers are also asking for “wow factor” which is present in the home décor of many new houses being built on new housing estates.

Warwick O'Brien Architects take a different approach to this trend. For us, the idea of “wow factor” has no grounding in the integral “truth” of a building, and therefore has the tendency to become a fashion that can date and thus lose appeal over time. We believe that elements of interior architecture can become this natural focus if they are carefully considered as part of the holistic design process. A thorough understanding of structure, planning, materials, light and colour will evolve into points of interest in the interior designs, both logically and timelessly. Clients will embrace this approach because they are an intrinsic part of the Warwick O'Brien Architects team from the beginning.

Spaces like Home Theatre and Media Room, that are promoted in show homes of housing estates are not encouraged by Warwick O’Brien Architects because they are redundant. Energy efficient houses need to consider the embodied energy, and hence reducing the building’s footprint by efficient planning becomes important. The axiom “less is more” is very applicable and becomes a guide to designing multi-use space that improves efficiency, and reduces energy use and capital cost.”

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