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House plans by Warwick O'Brien Architects are different from those you may see from those offered by the major builders. Woba designs are bespoke. They are not a set of standard plans from which to make a selection.

Warwick O'Brien Architects floor plans are crafted to your specific requirements. They will always address: • your design brief • sustainable principles • site attributes • creative and efficient outcomes

Sustainable houses designs are the passion of Warwick O'Brien Architects because we are committed to solar passive design for: • energy savings • reduction of greenhouse gases • living comfort

The attention to detail and construction is vital to the performance of a well designed solar passive house and Warwick O'Brien Architects pay considerable attention to this aspect by using well considered detailing and working very closely with the builder throughout the construction process.

The design of new houses and additions to existing houses has been the core business of Warwick O'Brien Architects for more than twenty five years. Over this time we have endeavoured to explore new materials and construction methods so that our projects are at the cutting edge but faithful and appropriate to sustainable design principles.

Modern homes presented by the major builders are often a statement of current stly trends and do not necessarily reflect good design principles. Like the fashion industry they have the tendency to date. Warwick O'Brien Architects homes do not take their cues from fashion, but rather from sound sustainable principles based on science and patterns of human comfort established over time*. From this standpoint they have a more timeless appeal and tend to meet client lifestyles more closely.

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