A new casual living area

Rostrevor SA 5073

Houses from past eras have traditionally placed bedrooms along either side of a corridor off a main entrance. This is the way in which this house has been configured, and it means visitors have to traverse private areas of the house before they enter into living spaces. In the re-design the entry has been relocated along the side of the house which then leads visitors directly into the new casual living area with views to the rear garden.

The new living space faces due north allowing for all the design features that enable high levels of sustainability and comfort whilst providing unobstructed views of a rear garden and encouraging copious amounts of light and spaciousness to infiltrate the space.


  • Plan shape optimises solar access

  • High levels of insulation in walls, roof and ceiling

  • Wide roof overhangs to shade walls and windows

  • Sloping ceilings with high level windows opening outwards from the bottom to exhaust hot air by convection

  • Sweep fans with reverse motors for air movement 

  • High thermal mass in floors exposed to the northern sun

  • Solar pergola shading northern windows

  • A 22,00 litre rainwater tank to harvest stormwater from new roof area

  • Uplighters in living area to eliminate penetrations in ceiling insulation

  • Sliding screens to zone areas for climate control


WALLS: Corrugated metal sheet  / Hebel Powerpanel  / Eco-ply infill panels

ROOF: Metal decking

FLOOR: Polished concrete

WINDOWS: Western red cedar frames, clear finished with double glazing