An existing garden

Peterhead SA 5016

The client brief called for a solution that brought the existing garden into the new additions as much as possible. With the use of large sliding doors opening onto timber decks the connection to the garden is maximized.The building needed to demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainability.

The view to the rear garden faces west, but due to the large shading trees in close proximity to the additions large windows were able to take advantage of the views without seriously compromising the thermal performance.


  • Plan shape to optimize solar access

  • High level of insulation in roof and walls

  • North orientation for living areas

  • Wide roof overhangs to shade walls/windows

  • Sloping ceiling coupled with high level windows to exhaust hot air by convection

  • Sweep fans to living and bedroom

  • Thermal mass in concrete floor with good solar access

  • Solar pergola to northern windows

  • Low emissivity glass in timber frames

  • Rainwater harvesting


WALLS: Corrugated metal sheet  /  Eco-ply panels

ROOF: Metal decking

FLOOR: Concrete finished with  /  Direct stick timber