An innovative design solution

Maylands SA 5069

The clients brief called for an innovative design solution that incorporated the existing cottage and retained an attractive tree in the rear yard.

The property is quite narrow and therefore required careful planning to optimise northerly aspects to rooms without visually crowding the additions to the boundary. Partially building to the southern boundary allowed the extra space to the north.

The kitchen, dining ,laundry and bathroom are contained in a lower roofed area which provides the link to the existing dwelling. This maintains a visual integrity for the existing section of the development and leads to the higher skillion roof of the casual lliving.


While we had a clear picture of what we wanted we were delighted with the innovative and environmentally friendly concept that Warwick developed for us.
- Max -


  • Plan shape to optimise solar access

  • Zoning of living and sleeping areas

  • Thermal mass in floors and room divider

  • High levels of insulation in walls and ceilings

  • 21,000 litre underground concrete water tank reticulated to house

  • Timber windows with double glazing

  • Natural cross ventilation

  • Solar pergola to north deck

  • Solar hot water system

  • Sunshading to windows

  • Sweep fans

  • Sloping ceilings with high level awnings

  • Natural ventilation

  • 1.5K/w photo-voltaic array on north roof

  • Low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets


WALLS: Corrugated metal sheet  /  Rendered Powerpanel cladding and Eco-ply

ROOF: Metal sheet decking

FLOOR: Direct stick timber

WINDOWS: Stained timber frames with double glazing