45 degrees to North on a sloping site

Rostrevor SA 5073

This new home created numerous design challenges with the site being oriented 45 degrees to north and with a cross sloping topography to resolve into the bargain. The design response has been to angle the living spaces to true north whilst allowing views to a creek adjacent to the front of the site. Bedroom clerestorey windows have taken the 45 degree cue to allow north light into these rooms as well. The courtyard plan form incorporates a number of new materials and detailing that emphasise it’s minimalist approach. External walls use a new corrugated metal sheet profile called “Mid” and this is juxtaposed with a commercial cladding panel, namely, Exotec. New skirting types and door jambs have resulted in very flat profiles with discrete flush faces. The sloping site has allowed the garage to be set under the living spaces with minimal presence in the streetscape. Further back in the site, it has also allowed for the rainwater tank to be constructed under the western side of the home, providing a cantilevered plinth for the bedroom and study above.

Commendation for Residential Atchitecture received from The Australian Institute of Architects



  • Plan shape and position on site optimises solar access

  • Siting to minimise cut and fill and visual impact of garaging

  • Underground 36,000 litre rainwater tank split for C.F.S. and home use

  • Reverse brick veneer construction

  • Double glazing - , argon filled , low e glass throughout

  • Commercial window and door frames

  • 6mm Thermalbrane wrap to all walls and roof

  • R 5.5 wall insulation system

  • R 6.0 combined roof and ceiling insulation

  • Aerotron sweep fans to all living spaces and bedrooms

  • LED lighting throughout with uplighters to living/dining and bedrooms

  • Wide eaves to shade windows and walls

  • External sunshading devices

  • External and internal solar blinds to windows

  • Solar array with micro-inverters on north facing roof

  • Evacuated tube water heating

  • Cross ventilation to living and bedroom spaces

  • Sloping ceilings with clerestorey windows to vent hot air

  • Polished concrete floors throughout for high thermal mass


WALLS: Corrugated metal cladding and Exotec panels

ROOF: Colorbond metal sheeting

FLOOR: Polished concrete

WINDOWS: Anodised aluminium frames, double glazed throughout